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Mother’s Choice Peony


The peony is tied to many different meanings and symbols and commonly represents the symbol for romance, prosperity, a happy marriage, honour, compassion as well as good fortune. Available in a variety of delicate hues, peonies open into large blooms with ruffled layers of petals over time to fill your home with a delightful, delicate floral fragrance. Only available for a short time during late spring and early summer, their fleetingness only enhances their beauty. It is no surprise that peonies are one of our all-time favourite flowers!

Peonies are a mid-length flower variety which are best displayed in a low or medium sized vase. For the perfect pairing, our smoked grey jar vase is a fabulous companion.

Our fresh peonies are delivered as open-state buds as they arrive with us directly from the grower. In hot weather, this means that at least some flowers will typically bloom in the first 24-48 hours. Peonies react quickly to heat so during hotter days, they will be keen to open faster. If you’d like to control the speed at which your peonies open, cool water and a cool room will help to extend their life. Equally, should you like to accelerate the speed at which your peonies open, tepid water can be added to your vase.


Peonies have large heads, so it is important to select a vase that will support them. Our Ribbed Smoked Grey Vase is a personal favourite.

50cms – 60 cms

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