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Mixed Colour Poppies


One of the most joyful spring flowers, mixed colour poppies add personality and joy to any space.  Opening gradually over time, their large flowers burst with vibrancy in assorted colours to add a golden glow to your interior.

Incredibly delicate, poppies are known for often growing along the roadside and other humble places, as well as enchanting poets and helping doctors treat their patients for centuries. They are commonly accepted as a symbol of remembrance for fallen soldiers, owing to their wildflower nature, reminding us to enjoy life and live in the moment.

All our mixed colour poppies are delivered to you with closed buds as they are super fresh which means that you will be able to enjoy their beauty as they reveal themselves over the course of a few days. If you’d like to accelerate the opening of your poppy flowers, tepid water can be added to your vase.

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