Bloom is more than a sustainable online flower delivery service. Add a dash of individuality and style to your home by selecting from our curated collection of chic vases and super trendy pots & plants. Each of our collections have been lovingly curated by celebrity London florist Larry Walshe to ensure the perfect pairing to our Market Flowers, Flower Subscription and Luxury Gift Bouquets. Each capsule collection has its own personality and flair; they also mix wonderfully so you can blend metallics with clear and coloured glass to create style-savvy groupings around the house or stick to one combination…the possibilities are endless!

Each of our vases & pots have been selected for their practical nature as well as their drool-worthy appearance. From tall to short, big to small & coloured to clear, we look stylish in any home and will always make your blooms look good.


Colour Me Beautiful Collection
Colourful bursts of joy that enliven then home and create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Cluster stem vases together, mix and match against clear and metallic pieces or simply display solo for the most impressive result. Clean lines, mixed textures and a strong Danish influence guarantee your home will always be a happy one!
Give Me Earth Collection
Earth tones pair beautifully against chic contemporary design to offer pieces which can be combined with our other capsule collections to realise a sense of understated luxury. Uncompromising in both quality and elegance, our Danish inspired silhouettes are the perfect companion to all the flowers we sell online. Whether you are adding a statement vase to your home or fancy a compilation of smaller vases and pots, these uber-stylish pieces will be loved for a lifetime.
The Timeless Essentials  Collection
Timeless Essentials Collection
Representing the very finest in everyday luxury our timeless essentials have each been selected to offer endless possibilities when arranging flowers at home. Practical shapes and sizes which work beautifully against all the flowers we sell online; these timeless pieces will always be in style. With a strong Danish influence, clean lines and understated elegance is the name of the game!
Shine A Light Collection
Representing the very best in contemporary design, our Danish inspired metallic vases and pots style wonderfully next to any of our other capsule collections. They add a punch of warmth and luxury to any home and thanks to their streamlined silhouette, never appear as though they are trying too hard. Effortlessly trendy, they will become a staple piece on any shelf or sideboard and transform your home from bleak to chic in a heartbeat!

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