Hydrangeas are a hugely popular cut flower owing to their big, beautiful blooms. The large and abundant flowerheads look like pom poms growing on bushes that can, in the garden, get as tall as trees. They come in a range of different luxurious colours and shapes.

There are in fact, around 75 species of hydrangeas, most of them native to Asia. The most widely recognised flower is the Hydrangea Macrophylla. When you think of beautifully large bouquets, sent either as a gift or to celebrate a wedding, the hydrangea is the perfect flower for you.

Hugely beautiful, the hydrangea symbolizes many different sentiments, the most wonderful being that of heartfelt emotion.

When gifting luxury hydrangea flowers, select from a wide range of colours that appear throughout the year.  Summer is the most abundant time of year for Hydrangea flowers although fabulous autumn and winter varieties are also available.  Blue Pimpernel Hydrangea are our favourite winter colour!

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Blue Hydrangea

As you may already know, the Japanese tradition behind blue hydrangeas derives from the legendary apology of the emperor to his girlfriend. Whether you live in Japan or elsewhere in the world, blue hydrangeas symbolise your understanding and gratitude for someone special and are always the perfect way to say you are sorry.

White Hydrangea

White hydrangea are renowned for symbolising arrogance, boasting or vanity. This meaning likely derives from Victorian times, when men gifted the luxurious flowers to women they desired. White, however, also represents purity and grace which makes white hydrangeas a perfect bouquet choice at Easter or for a wedding!

Pink Hydrangea

Pink hydrangeas represent true feelings and are a perfect fit for both spring and summer wedding bouquets or table arrangements. Some believe pink hydrangeas represent sincere emotions and the meaning of true love. If you take a closer look at the individual blossoms on each hydrangea stem you’ll notice they resemble a heart shape!

Purple Hydrangea

Purple hydrangeas represent the desire for deep understanding; they are often chosen for gifts to celebrate a fourth wedding anniversary. The colour purple symbolises pride, gratefulness and royalty across many global cultures and sending a big bunch of purple hydrangea flowers is certainly a fabulous way of showing your appreciation to your partner after four years of marriage.

Hydrangea Facts

Hydrangeas are so much more than just pretty to look at. They have some rather surprising tricks above their leaves which make them a fascinating plant to both amateurs and experts alike. Check out a few fun hydrangea facts below!

  • The different colours displayed by hydrangea blossoms are directly related to the levels of acidity found in the soil. To bloom in a vibrant to soft baby blue, hydrangea flowers require acidic soil with a pH level below 5.5. For the perfect purple hydrangea, the ideal pH level needs to be anywhere from 5.5. to 6.5. Hydrangea flowers that are grown in soil with pH levels greater than 7 will bloom in pink and even red. Soil and gardens with varying levels of acidity can lead to beautiful colour washes across their hydrangea flowers.
  • If you think the flowers that make up a hydrangea are called petals, you have been deceived.  They are actually sepals, which are modified leaves that protect the bud of the flower. The beautiful colour variations seen on each stem happen as the sepals age and the overpowering pigments within turn the flowers from glorious greens into colourful beauties.
  • Hydrangea leaves contain low-levels of cyanide. Though rarely fatal, consuming the leaves of a hydrangea flower can cause nausea, diarrhoea and even seizures.  Parents of pets and children alike should ensure the flowers are kept out of reach at all times.

Luxury Hydrangea Flower Delivery

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