Roses are the national flower of England. In the 15th Century, they represented 2 notable families; the Yorks and the Lancasters. The War of the Roses took place between 1455 – 1487 in England when the house of York, represented by a white rose and the house of Lancaster, represented by a red rose, fought with one another to take control and rule England.

Roses are known as one of the most popular flowers in the world owing to their large flower heads, delicate petals and perfectly formed shape. They are available year-round making them the most favoured flower for a wedding. They come in a fashionable range of different colours & shapes; from Dutch cultivated roses to English garden varieties they are always the most beautiful addition to any home interior.

The rose is known to have inspired one of England’s greatest writers, William Shakespeare.

Romeo & Juliet contains of the most famous rose quotes of all time; “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. In this instance, Juliet is reminding Romeo that even though their families may be rivals, it shouldn’t affect their love as this is real and true.

There are around 200 species of roses, however only a handful which are regularly grown. The most widely recognised and desirable flower is the Avalanche rose; desired for it’s large flower head with perfectly formed petals. When you think of wonderfully luxurious large bouquets, sent either as a gift or to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, the rose is the perfect flower for you.

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They are synonymous with romance and are the classic flower to be sent on Valentine’s Day. Whilst red roses are most synonymous with this celebration, pink roses are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative but equally romantic Valentine’s Day gesture.

Hugely beautiful, the rose symbolizes many different sentiments, the most wonderful being that of undying love.

When gifting luxury rose flowers, select from a wide range of colours that are available throughout the year. Summer is the most abundant time of the year for rose flowers although glorious autumn and winter varieties are also available. Cerise pink roses are one of our top favourite picks; the perfect amount of joy and romance all wrapped up into one flower!

The symbolism of the rose varies dependent upon the colour and how may you are gifting. To help with your perfect selection, we have compiled a short synopsis below:

  • Red Roses symbolise true love and undying romance. As such, they are the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.
  • Pink Roses represent grace, admiration, gratitude, love & joy. They are the perfect gift for a birthday to someone you love or adore.
  • Orange Roses symbolise both passion and enthusiasm. They depth of colour and joyful appearance are always a winner when sending a celebration bouquet to a friend.
  • Yellow Roses represent friendship. Always vibrant, adding these into a celebration bouquet when you sending flowers to a friend will always make them smile!
  • White Roses symbolise both innocence and purity alongside love and passion. Perfect and delicate they are a classic choice when selecting wedding flowers and are also the perfect gift when incorporated into a celebration bouquet for a loved one or friend.

Roses do have a meaning attached to them dependent on how many you are sending. To make sure you always send the right number of roses, we have compiled a helpful guide:

  • One Rose symbolises love at first sight
  • Two Roses represent a shared, deep love
  • Three Roses speaks “I love you!”
  • Six Roses suggests “I want to be yours”
  • Seven Roses symbolises infatuation
  • Nine Roses represents eternal love
  • Ten Roses say’ “you’re perfect” to the one you love
  • Twelve Roses says “I love you” and “be mine”

Owing to their sweet fragrance, garden roses and English roses are commonly used in both perfume and beauty products.

Rosewater also has anti-inflammatory and hydration properties which will help soothe irritation; this makes them a very popular ingredient in cosmetics. Rose hips, the fruit of roses, are also super beneficial. These contain high amounts of Vitamin C and can also be eaten.

In order to learn a little more about the rose, we have compiled a list of fun flower facts:

  1. Red roses are the symbol of undying love romance
  2. The most popular number of red roses to gift someone is 12. Sending a dozen red roses says “I love you” and “be mine”.
  3. The tallest rose plant on record was measured at over 7 metres tall
  4. Roses were reported to be the favourite flower of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love.
  5. 55 million red roses are sold each Valentine’s Day in the UK alone!
  6. It is reported that Cleopatra of Egypt had a floor in her palace covered entirely with roses in anticipation to receive her lover, Mark Antony.
  7. Fossils aged at over 35 million years old were discovered in Colorado, USA containing roses.
  8. Roses can be eaten. Their petals are edible and can be used to make syrups, rosewater & jams.
  9. The oldest living rose plant is located at the German Cathedral of Hildesheim, growing up the wall. This now stands at over 7 metres tall!
  10. There are over 4,500 songs on Spotify dedicated to roses
  11. Wild roses only blossom once per year.
  12. There are over 100 different species of roses. These all range in shape, size & colour.

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