Frequently Asked Questions

Bouquet Service:

Do I have to design my own bouquet?

No, we have a range of beautiful designs that our London florists have created which you can simply click to purchase. 

Will the bouquet I create be exactly what I have picked?

Yes!  We will buy the flowers you have selected and create the most beautiful gift bouquet.  We don’t add filler flowers and/or flowers that you haven’t requested.  We like to put you, the customer in full control.

Can I send more than one bouquet at a time?

You can indeed!  If you have several gifts to send, there’s no need to place 3 separate orders; instead, add everything to your basket and allocate which bouquet is what is sent to which address during the checkout process.  

How do I choose flowers that will complement each other?

The good news is that there is no right or wrong when designing with flowers!  If, however, you’d like a helping hand, we suggest selecting colours that tonally complement each other.  Think of the colour wheel (or click here to see it!) and pick colours from opposing sides.  For example, if you were to pick purple, maybe add a dash of yellow as a harmonious combination.    Alternatively, explore one colour palette (for example pink) and select floral textures from this colour only.  Doing so will create a luxury bouquet which is rich in detail or texture.

If in doubt, a classic bouquet featuring only roses in a single colour is always a winning gift.  Alternatively, pick a bouquet design that one of our London florists have already created for you. 

How do I know how many stems to choose?

The more stems you choose the larger the bouquet will be.  The tricky bit is deciding how much you love the recipient!  If in doubt, bigger is always better! 

What will it look like if I add foliage to my bouquet?

Good question!  Adding foliage will result in a design that is more textural, open and has a greater sense of movement.  Adding foliage will create an online gift bouquet which will appear more country garden inspired where a bouquet with only flowers will always be more structured and compact.

What will it look like if I only have flowers in my bouquet and no foliage?

A bouquet which only features flowers will look more compact than a bouquet featuring foliage. 

As a result of only featuring flowers, it will always look slightly smaller than a bouquet design that includes foliage so it is better to go for a slightly larger size if you want to ensure a great response from your recipient.

Can I send a personalised bouquet?

Absolutely!  We are all about personalisation at bloom!  Our build-your-own bouquet service allows you to become your very own florist.  Pick the flowers you want to see in your luxury gift bouquet and our florists will transform your selection into the most beautiful reality. 

You can then write a personalised gift message and select which greetings card you would like to send with your online bouquet order.

How long will my bouquet last?

We guarantee our all flowers for a minimum of 5 days from the date they are delivered provided that the care guidelines are followed.  

Can I send a personalised message with my flowers?

Yes, absolutely!  You will be prompted to add a personalised message to accompany your online bouquet order during the checkout process.  You can also select your perfect greetings card to make sure your friend or relative receives the best present ever! 

Flower Subscription:

How do I setup a subscription?

To start receiving the most beautiful flowers direct to your doorstep couldn’t be easier.  You can select whether you would like to receive flowers each week, every other week or each month.  Click here to get started.  It only takes a couple of minutes to arrange.

Can I change the frequency of my Flower Subscription deliveries?

Yes, absolutely!  When you first setup your Flower Subscription with bloom, pick how often you would like to receive your bloom box.  This could be every week, every other week or every month. 

If you would like to change the frequency of your deliveries, just pop into your online account where you can manage all your preferences.

If you have a special occasion and want to order some extra flowers, you can do this too using our Market Flowers collection.  This order will also show in the calendar in your online account so you can keep track of what you have ordered. 

How does the subscription work?

Our Flower Subscription service delivers a beautiful bunch (or bunches!) of blooms directly to your door on either a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.  Our creative director Larry Walshe hand selects each flower variety we send and every week you will experience a different flower type.  This way you get to learn lots about floristry whilst always having something new to enjoy in your home or office. 

We always want you to love every bloom delivery so when you first sign-up, you will be asked to input your preferences, so if there are any colours or flower varieties you don’t love, just tell us and we will make sure to substitute these blooms for something else on a week where you would otherwise receive flowers outside of your preference.

You can then manage your deliveries and flower preferences in your online account.  The calendar will show you when every delivery is scheduled and if ever you need to skip a week, freeze your deliveries or arrange to send a bunch to a friend or relative because you are going to be away on holiday, you can do this here. 

Can I personalise my flower choices?

Yes!  When you first sign-up, you can tell us about any colours of specific flower varieties you don’t love and we will make sure that these aren’t sent to you.

Don’t worry though, you won’t miss out – if ever we are planning to send a flower you won’t love, we will substitute your order with something else just for you.

You can also access your preferences anytime you like via your online account so can change these later down the line if you don’t specify them at the start.

What flowers will you be sending in my Flower Subscription?

Each week our creative director Larry Walshe hand selects a wonderful variety of flowers that represent the “Best in Bloom.”  These flowers represent the best our season has to offer to ensure that you always receive the freshest, best value product possible. 

We want you to love your flower journey with bloom so make sure that whilst you will see the same type of flower more than once throughout the year, it will always be in a different colour.  That way you will learn lots about the different types of flowers available and will become a floristry guru in no time!

If you want to see what is likely to be sent throughout the year, our “What’s in the Box” area showcases the types of flowers available on various months of the year so you have a good idea of what to expect.

Can I pause my Flower Subscription if I am going away on holiday?

Of course!  You can pause your Flower Subscription deliveries at any time using the calender in your online account. 

If you fancy, you can always send flowers whilst you will be away on holiday to a friend or relative to brighten up then day.  Sharing is caring! 

If I go away on holiday, can I nominate my subscription to go to another address of my choosing?

Absolutely!  All part of our wonderful service.  Just pop into your online account, select the delivery you want to pause and when prompted, you can choose to send this to a friend of relative instead of missing out.

Who picks my flowers for me?

Every flower sent with our Flower Subscription service is curated by celebrity London florist Larry Walshe.  Celebrated as one of the best florists in the UK, Larry will hand select each flower variety based on its seasonal availability, price and style to ensure that throughout the year you experience a large range of blooms.  These will give you lots to arrange at home and ensure that you will be a floristry guru in no time! 

If ever you want to see how to care for your flowers, we have detailed instructions on how to look after every flower variety that we sell online.  Just click here to explore.

Can I change my subscription?

Of course!  There is no fixed term and you can cancel or pause your deliveries at any time.  To manage your deliveries, visit the dashboard in your account area. 

When do you take the payment for each flower delivery?

We take payment 2 days before your flower delivery arrives with you. 

Market Flowers:

Where are the Market Flowers grown?

Our flowers online are grown by expert growers in Britain, Scotland, Wales and Europe.  The majority of our blooms are grown in either the UK or Holland.  We do also source more exotic flowers from further afield to offer a wide range of blooms throughout the year. 

Why do you choose the flowers you do?

Our Market Flowers collection represent the “best in bloom” for any given season.  Our selection is ever-changing and we ensure a wide selection of blooms are available for you to buy flowers online throughout the year. 

Bloom are the leading premium online florist.  We only believe in selling flowers which are stylish and so have curated a wonderful range of the most beautiful blooms for you to buy online.  Our premium quality flowers all last for ages and look amazing to ensure that you receive the best value possible.

Are your flowers seasonal?

Yes!  In order to ensure that when you buy flowers online we provide you with the best quality flowers at the lowest possible price, we only stock flowers which are readily available in any given season.

Have no fear, we have a wide selection of premium quality flower varieties to buy online so you will always have lots of choice when shopping for a birthday or anniversary gift.

How many stems will I receive?

The number of stems that you will receive in a bunch varies dependent upon the flower type you are buying.  This is clearly advised when shopping online with us.  For most of our flowers, you can select the number of stems you want to in your bunch, meaning you can go as big as you like!   

To promote zero flower waste, all flowers in our Market Flowers collection are sold by the same number of stems that we buy from our growers. 

Can I order a vase for my flowers?

Absolutely!  Whether you are buying flowers online as a gift or merely as a treat to yourself, you can of course add any of the vases from our homeware collection to compliment.  We have a range of drool-worthy capsule collections which each feature style-savvy vases and pots that are sure to brighten up your home.  From everyday essential vases to lifetime must-have’s, all our vases are made to add warmth and happiness to your home!


How do I contact customer services?

Our customer services team are available by telephoning 020 8540 5305 or by emailing

Can I order by telephone?

Bloom are the premium online florist in the UK and all orders must be placed online.  Our customer services team will be happy to assist with any questions or queries you may have over the phone however in order to provide you with the most intuitive website service, we require that all orders are received online.

Can I re-order my flowers every month?

You absolutely can however this does need to be done manually.  Due to the seasonal nature of our flowers, most varieties are not available all year round so we are unable to automatically arrange to send you one single type of flower each month.  Our wide range of premium flowers are regularly updated online so you can always be sure that if we have it on our website, it is available to buy.

If you would like to receive fresh flowers to your home or office every month, our Flower Subscription service is an ideal option for you.  Each month we will send you a bloom box filled with a bunch (or bunches!) of the most wonderful fresh flowers.  We change what we send every time so you will always receive something new and different.  This will mean that throughout the year you will learn lots about the different types of flowers and become a floristry guru in no time! 

Can I see what I have sent before?

Yes, absolutely.  You can see any of your past orders in our online account area.  This way you can remind yourself of what you sent a particular friend, partner or relative last year and either order more of the same or change it up for something new!

How does the online address book work?

Your bloom address book is your new best friend.  Think of it like a virtual concierge!  Add in the dates throughout the year which are special and cannot be forgotten, we will then remind you one week before each special occasion or celebration to ensure that you never miss an important birthday or wedding anniversary ever again! 

How do I add a special occasion reminder?

Login to your account and you will be able to quickly add in any special occasions or celebrations which are important to you.  Each one takes only a couple of quick clicks to enter but once done, you can rest assured you will never miss an important birthday or wedding anniversary ever again.  We will email you one week beforehand to remind you that it is time to place your bouquet order and all you need to do is login, pick your favourite gift bouquet and write a lovely note for your recipient.  It’s as easy as that! 

Where do your flowers come from?

Our flowers are sourced from the finest growers around the world.  We love to champion UK flower growers as much as possible and source the majority of our blooms from either England or Europe.  We occasionally stock flowers which are exotic and come from further afield too. 

Can I amend my order?

If you wish to make any changes to your order you may do so by e-mailing us or by calling us on +44 (0) 208 540 5305.  We will always do our very best to make last-minute changes for you but can only guarantee requests that are received by 9am 5 working days prior to your delivery date.  At peak periods we begin processing orders earlier than usual in order to account for the large volume of deliveries.  This means that we may require up to 10 working days notice for any changes to be made. 

Can I cancel my order?

Should you need to cancel an order, we will require a written notification to five working days notice prior to the delivery date.  At peak periods we begin processing orders earlier than usual in order to account for the large volume of deliveries.  This means that we may require up to 10 working days notice for any changes to be made. 

How will my flowers be packaged?

All our flowers are wrapped in either chic brown paper or a luxurious combination of tissue paper and brown paper.  These are then presented in our signature, style-savvy boxes.  What’s better, everything (yes, everything!) is either recyclable or compostable and 100% plastic free!  Just our first step in becoming considered the most ethical and sustainable online florist in the UK. 

What do I do with my flowers once they have been delivered?

Hurrah!  Your order has arrived…now what?!  To get the most from your flowers, follow our detailed care instructions.  We have provided care guidelines for every flower type that we sell to make sure that you get the maximum amount of enjoyment from your online flower order.

How do I display my flowers?

Now for the exciting bit…arranging your online flower order!  The good news is, you are the florist so there is no right or wrong way of displaying them.  Just follow our care guidelines to get the most out of your blooms and if you fancy a few professional hints and tips on how we like to style our flowers, check out creative director Larry Walshe in action here.

Once you’ve created your masterpiece, make sure to, channel your inner Annie Leibovitz and take some snaps.  Share them online, tagging @bybloomuk and using the hashtag #lovebloom to be in with a chance of getting featured on our grid!

Should I change the water?

Absolutely!  No one likes to drink dirty water and flowers are no exception!  To achieve the best results with your blooms, follow our care instructions.

Can you supply wedding flowers? 

Our sister company Larry Walshe Studios specialise in creating the most beautiful weddings & events in the UK.  If you would like to discuss your upcoming celebration, they are the best in the business and would be delighted to help you.  Click here to visit their website.

What is the best way to look after my flowers?

To learn more about the variety of flower you have ordered and how to care for it, visit our care guidelines.  We have created guidance for every flower type that we sell online to make sure you can enjoy your flower order for the longest time possible.

What flowers do you supply?

We always stock flowers which are currently in season.  This means you will always get the best flowers at the very best price.  Our flower selection changes throughout the year and both our Market Flowers collection & build-your-own bouquet service will always have a wide selection of colour and flower varieties to ensure the perfect gift, whatever the time of year.

How you do your flowers stay fresh once I have ordered?

Every online order of fresh flowers are sent hydrated.  Unlike other online florists, we do not believe you should wait 2-3 days after you have received your order before you can start enjoying it.  We make sure every flower stem is sent with a water source so that when it arrives at your door, it looks as good as the day it was cut in the field by our expert flower growers.


What happens if I am not in when you deliver my flowers?

Panic not!  Our wonderful couriers will alert you when a delivery is scheduled and you can let them know exactly what you want them to do with your flowers.  They can always add them to your safe place ready for you to collect when you get home.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver fresh flowers throughout the whole of the UK mainland.  All our fresh flowers online are sent via a dedicated next-day delivery courier.

Can I track my order?

Yes, of course!  You will receive a notification when your blooms have left the studio and this will include a tracking number which you can use at any time.  We like you to be in full control so this will allow you to see the process of your flower delivery. 

When do you deliver?

We deliver 7 days a week, including Saturday & Sunday so you can always be sure to receive your floral gift when you need it.  To arrange your fresh flower delivery, select from the various next-day delivery options during the checkout process and pick the one that is right for you.

When will my order be delivered?

You will receive a notification once your blooms have left the building and will be supplied with a tracking number so you can follow their journey.  All flowers are shipped using our dedicated next-day delivery courier service and if you have selected a premium delivery (timed delivery, Saturday delivery or Sunday delivery) you will receive a notification from our delivery partner to advise of the time. 

Can I change my delivery date?

If you need the change the date of your delivery, please contact our customer services team on 020 8540 5305 or by emailing  We will always do our very best to make last-minute changes for you but can only guarantee requests that are received by 9am 5 working days prior to your delivery date.  At peak periods we begin processing orders earlier than usual in order to account for the large volume of deliveries.  This means that we may require up to 10 working days notice for any changes to be made. 

Can my order be paid for on delivery?

Unfortunately, no.  bloom is an online florist and all orders must be paid for at the time of ordering.

Can I order flowers for weekend delivery?

Yes, absolutely.  We deliver 7 days a week, including Saturday and Sunday.  To arrange for your flowers to be delivered on a weekend, make sure to select the correct delivery option during the checkout process.

What do I do if my flowers are damaged on delivery?

We carefully package and distribute all flowers to ensure they arrive with the intended recipient in perfect condition however, in the unlikely event that your flowers have been damaged in transit please keep the flowers and contact us within 24 hours of receipt. We cannot be held liable for claims reported outside of this time. Where possible we will offer to replace the damaged flowers, however if this is not feasible we will offer a full refund to the purchaser.

What do I do if my vase or pot is damaged on delivery?

If you have received an item which you believe to be faulty or damaged, please email within 72 hours of your item being delivered along with photographs and a description of the issue and our customer services team will be delighted to resolve the problem for you.  We will arrange collection of the faulty item from you and cover the delivery cost of the replacement.  Please note, if we are not notified within this timeframe, we are unable to refund or replace the items concerned. 

What is your returns policy on pots & vases?

If you change your mind for any reason and wish to receive a refund for a pot or vase purchase, we are happy for you to return your purchase to us within 30 days of it being dispatched.  The item must be unused and in its original retail packaging.  Please note, due to the perishable nature of plants, we are unable to refund any plant that may be selected as part of your order.  For more information, please refer to our returns policy.

My flowers were delivered late, what do I do?

We always ensure that any order is dispatched the day prior to your desired delivery date.  The flowers will be at your risk from the time of delivery. We cannot accept any liability for delayed deliveries caused by any third party or due to fire, flood or mechanical breakdown. We are also unable to accept liability for consignment being delivered to the wrong address due to incorrect postcodes or house names or numbers.

My flowers haven’t been delivered, what do I do?

To track the status of your order, please click here.  If you require further assistance with your order, our customer services team will be delighted to assist. 


How to I change my delivery details?

You can manage your addresses within your online account area. Click here to login and be taken straight over to your online dashboard.

If you need to change the address of an order that you have already placed, please contact our customer services team on 020 8540 5305 or via email who will do their best to assist you.

How to I change my account details?

You can manage all your personal settings within your online account. Click here to login and be taken straight over to your online dashboard.

Within your online account you can manage your address book, add a special occasion or celebration reminder, manage any regular deliveries, change your password and much, much more.

How do I create an account with bloom?

Great question!  It’s so easy to create a bloom account and start receiving beautiful flowers.  We are an online floral revolution with sustainability at the core of everything we do.  Click here to get started! 

Also, sign-up to our newsletter and you will receive b.loved loyalty points which you can redeem instantly!  Sign-up now!


How will the flowers be packaged?

All our flowers are sent in super stylish bloom boxes.  These instil joy upon arrival so get ready for lots of praise coming your way really soon if you have just sent flowers to someone special. 

All our flowers are lovingly wrapped by hand using skilled London florists.  Our wrapping, cards and boxes…in fact, everything (yes, everything!) you receive from us is super sustainable and proudly plastic free.  We have tried to make your online shopping experience as pleasurable as possible whilst also ensure a meaningful response to sustainability so everything you receive from us is either recyclable or compostable.  For further details on our sustainable revolution, please click here. 

How do I dispose of the flowers packaging?

Firstly, thank you for being part of our sustainable revolution! We have tried really hard to make this process as simple as possible in order to ensure a meaningful response to sustainability.  Simply put, everything you receive from us can either be composted or recycled.  For full details on what to do with your packaging, click here to read our super helpful guide.

What is home compostable?

Packaging labelled as home compostable means that the customer can simply place the packaging into the home compost bin alongside fruit & vegetable waste.  Home compostable packaging means that any material or component used in the packaging, including the adhesives and printing ink will decompose into organic soil. 

What do you mean when you say you are proudly plastic-free?

Our aim from inception was to create beautifully wrapped luxury gift bouquets which are 100% plastic free.  Simply put, this means everything (yes, everything!) is biodegradable.  What does this actually mean?  We are so glad you asked!  Even if all our packaging ends up in your general waste, you can be assured it will naturally biodegrade and no microplastics or toxic chemicals will remain.

What does FSC Certified mean?

FSC stands for “Forest Stewardship Council”.  They are an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry.  FSC certifies forests all over the world to ensure they meet the highest social and environmental standards. 

The FSC logo on a wood or wood-based product (for example, our boxes and paper packaging) is your assurance that said items are made with, or contains, wood that comes from FSC certified forests or from post-consumer waste. 

In addition to forest certification, the FSC certification includes a chain of custody that tracks the timber through every stage in the supply chain from the forest to the final user.  This is then monitored through the invoicing process and the final label on the proud has a code which confirms that the item is genuinely FSC.  

What are b.loved loyalty points?

b.loved loyalty points are our way of rewarding our most loyal customers.  Every time you order flowers online with bloom, you will earn reward points.  These can then be redeemed for a whole host of lovely treats and rewards on future purchases.  It’s just out little way of letting you know that we value having you as part of our community.

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