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Porcelain White Lilac


Lilac flowers only bloom for a very brief couple of weeks during the Spring. This fleetingness only enhances their beauty and their delicacy and organic nature ensure they will create a sense of “wow” to any space they occupy.

From the Victorian age, lilac was understood to be a reminder of an old love whereas, in Russia, lilac is considered to bring wisdom. A strong association with love and romance runs true with this beautiful bloom that works well mixed amongst other flower varieties or enjoyed solo!

Lilac flowers are regarded as a mid-length flower variety and as such, pair beautifully with a mid-height vase with a neck that will allow them plenty of room to express themselves.

This is currently out of stock.

Our Stormy Clear Glass Geometric Vase No. 1 is one of our favourite vessels to display lilac flowers and when not in use, can be used as a storm lantern at home!


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