This delicate and more underrated flower, bouvardia, is perfectly suited to those that have understated taste when it comes to a flower arrangement in your home, office or a gift for others, with exquisite star shaped flowers, edged with luscious green foliage.

Bouvardia is a delicate cluster of tube-like flowers and are available year round. They look incredible on their own as a statement of green and colour, but are equally suited to being an addition to a bouquet, particularly if you adore the wild and romantic look with greenery.

Available in classic white, bold red, cerise pink and soft pink alongside salmon there are many colours to pick from that will suit any interior. If you select the same colour as all the other colours in your bouquet, they will look beautifully tonal but will not stand out. To ensure they add to the bouquet go for touches of darker tones. They also add a lovely texture to a bouquet with their interesting shape.

It is worth noting that they also have a delightfully soft smell, perfectly complimenting their appearance. Often known as Pink Luck, Royal Katty and Albatross the Bouvardia flower was names after Charles Bouvard, Louis XII’s personal physician.

Bouvardia has a meaning of zest for life and enthusiasm. They come in a variety of bold colours from from white, to deep reds through the spectrum of pinks. What better way than to congratulate someone than with a flower that symbolizes enthusiasm.

Regardless if you are in need of a chic arrangement to brighten up your home office, or something to bring a touch of colour to your coffee table or if you would like to tell someone special you are thinking fo them, Bloom make it incredibly easy to order flowers online and have them delivered. We will deliver you the highest quality of flower which will last days longer than something purchased from a traditional florist shop. Bouvardia is a lovely gift to send today to someone, often with delivery free of charge.

Caring for your Bouvardia Flower Delivery:

We want you to love your flowers and enjoy them for the longest time possible.  In order to receive maximum enjoyment from your delivery, please make sure to follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove your flowers from their protective packaging & pour away any excess water or gel that has accompanied them. Please note, all our packaging is super sustainable and proudly plastic free so you can rest assured that we have not impacted Mother Earth adversely when sending your blooming marvellous flowers.
  2. Rinse the stems in clean water & cut them by around 1 inch at a 45° angle. This will ensure happy blooms that can drink more easily and for longer.
  3. Remove all the leaves which sit below the water line. If you forget, this will contaminate the water & reduce the life of your blooms.
  4. Pop a flower food sachet into a clean vase filled with freshly drawn lukewarm water. Water that is too hot or cold will reduce their life. If you’re unsure of how much water to add, use the QR code below for more detailed information.
  5. Position your flowers out of direct sunlight and in a cool room, avoiding any drafts or extreme temperatures. Change the water every 2-3 days; each time cleaning the vase, re-cutting the stems & adding in a sachet of flower food.

Bouvardia are thirsty flowers so ensure you check their water regularly and never leave them dry.

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