The dahlia is a stately and regal flower that was first discovered in the sixteenth century where it grew in the garden of the Aztecs. A symbol of dignity, this sculptural floral star has a variety of sensationally vibrant colours to its name with an immense variety that evoke a whole host of different moods and emotions; from friendship and sympathy to romance and sensuality. Although the dahlia has many incarnations, each flower boasts one common thread, its undeniable beauty.

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The History of Dahlia Flowers

Though dahlias have been grown in Europe for well over two hundred years, they are believed to have originated in Mexico and as such, are the national flower of Mexico. Dahlias are considered to have been named by the 18th-century Spanish botanist Abbé Cavanille in honour of Andreas Dahl, a Swedish environmentalist and scientist.

Florets or Petals?

The florets of a Dahlia are often mistakenly called petals, even by horticulturists, but in fact every floret is actually a flower in its own right. Interestingly, Dahlias are part of the Asteraceae family; also known as the Daisy, Composite or Aster family. The name Asteraceae refers to the flowers’ appearance, which resembles a star shape.

Vegetable Tubers

The Aztecs grew dahlia tubers as a food however attempts to introduce them to the European diet did not succeed. We are not surprised; it’s not like they seem appetising on the menu now do they?!

How to Grow Dahlias

A few useful tips on how to grow your perfect dahlias:

  1. Make sure you carefully select your dahlia tubers. Select fat, healthy-looking tubers from an established supplier.
  2. Wait until any risk of frost has passed before you plant. Dahlias prefer to be planted in rich soil and full sun.
  3. Once established, make sure you keep your dahlia plants well-watered. Start feeding your dahlias around once a month and deadhead them regularly.
  4. Before the first frost, carefully dig out your tubers, clean off any excess soil and then store them carefully in a box of sawdust or dry sand where the temperature will remain above 5 degrees.

A Rainbow of Colours

Dahlias come in a wide variety of colours and like many unscented flowers, use their vibrant blooms to attract pollinating insects. Dahlias can be found in almost every possible colour, except blue. Our favourites are always the pink and orange varieties as they cannot help but bring a room to life!

From Small to Large 

Dahlias come all shapes and sizes; from a dainty diameters measuring 2cm to show-stopping varieties known as ‘dinner plate’ dahlias. These can grow up to 25cm in diameter and make a huge statement when decorating at home.

Café au Lait Dahlia

There has been a huge surge of demand and interest in a particular variety called Café au Lait dahlias over the last couple of years. Café au Lait dahlias are a delicate cappuccino coloured bloom with added blush tones that can grow to up to 25cm in diameter. They are a perfect wedding flower as the vintage palette pairs ideally against blush pinks, peaches and ivory tones. It also creates a vintage appearance which looks chic in every location from a barn to a stately home.

Long-Lasting Blooms

To keep your fresh cut dahlias looking their absolute best for as long as possible, place your vase in a cool and shady spot. Snip the stems regularly and change the water every 2-3 days. Always use the flower food provided to make sure you get the most out of your online flower delivery.

The Meaning of Dahlias

In the language of flowers, also referred to as floriography, dahlias represent “gratitude” and “dignity”. They are an ideal choice for thank you gifts and their bright colours are perfect if you want to send a fresh flower bouquet to cheer someone up.

9 Fun Dahlia Flower Facts

  1. The dahlia is typically at it’s best when many other summer blooms are starting past their prime. Their peak blooming window is from mid-summer until just before the first frost.
  2. Dahlias are considered by many professional gardeners as one of the most attractive and most cheerful flowers.
  3. The flower heads on a dahlias can grow up to 25cm in diameter.
  4. The Dahlia is named after the Swedish 18th-century botanist Anders Dahl, whom it was believed originally declared the flower a vegetable, as the tubers can be eaten.
  5. Dahlias were first recorded by Westerners circa 1615, and were then referred to by their original Mexican name, acoctli.
  6. The dahlia was a favourite bloom of the late Queen Victoria.
  7. The dahlia is the official flower of both San Francisco and Seattle.
  8. Dahlias can be found in nearly every colour, except blue.
  9. Our favourite British growers are called Withypitts. They create huge flower heads in a rainbow of colours.

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