One of our most popular cut flower varieties, the charming freesia is a fragrant flower boasting a sweet-perfume that lasts for absolutely ages. Native to South Africa, freesia flowers arrive in bud direct from our flower growers and will open up over the course of a few days at home. Available in a wide range of colours including orange, yellow, white & pink, they add a fabulous burst of colour to any office or home interior.

They are always the perfect gift when you want to say “thank you”, “thinking of you” or “i love you” as they are brilliant value for money and work perfectly in almost any vase. Available to buy from our Market Flowers collection, we have a rainbow of colours to pick from; all of these are available to send throughout the UK seven days a week.

Send Freesia Flowers Online with Bloom

In the Language of Flowers, the Freesia is commonly considered to symbolize “innocence”, “thoughtfulness” and “friendship”. Freesia flowers most commonly come in white or yellow, but they also come in orange, lavender and pink. This blooming beauty is wonderfully fragrant and has a light, sweet scent that is regularly used in oils, soaps and perfumes.

Here are 5 fun freesia facts:

  1. Freesia blooms all-year round but are noted for being a fabulous spring bloom. They require a temperature of below 21 degrees Celsius in order to look extra good.
  2. Freesia are native to South Africa.
  3. Between 16 to 20 species of freesia are in existence plus there are also over 300 hybrids!
  4. The freesia flower derives its name from the 19th century German physician, Friedrick Heinrich Theodor Freese.
  5. Freesia flowers are renowned for their distinctive aroma which has led to it being used in a range of beauty products and perfumes. The strength of their scent depends hugely on the colour with pink and red emitting the most powerful perfume.
  6. Freesia flowers are traditionally used in seventh wedding anniversary celebrations. If you are looking for the perfect gift to send your spouse on a seventh wedding anniversary, a bouquet of fresh freesia are the ideal present. We deliver all our flowers seven days a week throughout the whole of the UK so whenever your celebration, you can rely on to look after you!
  7. Don’t mix freesia flowers with daffodils; narcissus blooms release toxic substances which will affect the life of your fresh freesias.
  8. In the Language of Flowers, freesia represent friendship, thoughtfulness and innocence. As such, a luxury bouquet of fresh freesia is a perfect idea if you are seeking a thoughtful and long-lasting birthday gift to a friend.

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