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Arctic White Gladioli


Gladioli are affectionately known for piercing the heart of their receiver and as such, are a perfect gift for infatuation. With a name deriving from Greek origins, they are also associated with strength and integrity. Available in a range of colours, they are a hugely versatile flower that will add a statement to any room.

All our fresh gladioli are delivered as closed buds as they have come straight from the grower. This means you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty as they reveal themselves over the course of a few days. If you’d like to accelerate the speed at which your gladioli open, tepid water can be added to your vase. Gladioli are a long-stemmed flower variety and as such, work best in a tall vase. Our tall clear glass chimney vase is, in our opinion, the perfect pairing!


Delphiniums has long stems and so needs a vase which will support them. Our Deco Blue & Brass Vase is a personal favourite.

70cms – 90 cms

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