The majestic lily is a flower evocative of many symbols, including devotion, purity, motherhood and rebirth. It is traditionally used as a wedding flower in China as lilies are tied to more than one hundred years of love.

Their scent, drama and scale are hard to beat in the world of flowers and lilies boast a wide variety of colours to select from. Lilies are, universally adored as a gift to a loved one or to create an impactful arrangement in either the home or office with days of glorious fragrance. Our collection of long-stemmed lily varieties are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

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The lily has long been celebrated as being one of the most adored flower varieties in the world. Boasting an array shapes and colours, it symbolises simplicity, happiness and purity.

Here are 10 fun facts about lilies:

  1. Lilies are grown in a variety of countries across the world, including Canada, the USA, Japan, India, Australia and many European countries. In fact, lilies are one of the most widely available flowers in Europe, with many choosing to display them in both their gardens and homes.
  2. Although the vast majority of lilies are grown for their beautiful flowers, certain species are only grown for their edible bulbs. If you are a culinary connoisseur, this is certainly one dish you should consider trying. In China, Korea & Japan, the bulbs are cultivated for food. Although there are many edible lily species, the ones most grown for food are Lilium dauricum, Lilium brownii and Lilium pumilum.
  3. Certain varieties of lily boast certain meanings. For example, white lilies symbolise simplicity and purity while daylilies are associated with romance and flirtation. Tiger lilies symbolise both wealth and royalty whilst “lily of the valley” is regarded as the epitome of sweetness. This particular species is the ideal lily to send to a loved one, family member or friend and is a hugely popular addition in a wedding.
  4. Lilies have a range of different associations and meanings across the world. The Chinese believe they bring good luck (particularly with regards to Feng Shui), whilst in the Assyrian culture, they were considered to be a holy flower. Greeks on the other hand associate lilies with motherhood and Christians commonly believe the lily flower to represent innocence and chastity.
  5. Although many are under the impression that all lily flowers boast a sweet smell, it’s actually only white lilies which are scented. Aside from the tiger lily, which is renowned for its sweet scent, coloured varieties actually have no fragrance whatsoever. Despite this, they are still one of the most popular varieties of lily and many choose to arrange them in tall vases around their homes and offices.
  6. Although lilies boast an extremely long vase life, this can be increased further by removing the pollen found inside the flower. Those who prefer to display lilies in their homes or office should embrace this tip! FYI, all our flowers arrive in bud straight from the grower to guarantee you get the most out of your fresh flower delivery.
  7.   Tiger lilies are regarded as the most flamboyant of all species to plant in the garden. Their large and colourful flowers make them gloriously extravagant and they’re often used in traditional fresh flower bouquets.
  8. History states the Greek God Apollo presented the Lily of the Valley to Aesculapius, a great healer. Today, a number of lily species boast beneficial health properties, and certain species contain compounds that are used in pharmaceuticals. These medicines treat ailments such as , heart disease, depression, anxiety and angina. Additionally, many parts of the world use lilies to treat a variety of illnesses, typically in the form of balms or essential oils.
  9. If you are a cat owner, be sure to keep them away from lilies. Although their fragrance is considered wonderful, lilies are highly toxic to our furry feline friends.
  10. Lilies are considered to be one of the top ten flowers in the world. They are a popular choice for table centrepieces and bouquets. Whether you are designing a floral arrangement for the home, the office reception area or a large garden party, the lily is a great choice of flower. When combined with other flower varieties from our Market Flowers Collection, you can create an extremely attractive tonal display. We particularly like pairing them with roses and ranunculus during the spring in textures of pink. At you can find a stylish range of white lilies, yellow lilies, orange lilies and pink lilies to select from, no matter what the occasion or celebration.

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