Discover Bloom’s collection of the finest peonies. Our Peony Collection features spring’s floral star in a glorious range of colours, from coral, pink & red to white & cerise. Peonies have ruffled layers of petals and open into large flowers over time to fill the home with a delicate floral fragrance.

Send flowers across the UK with Bloom. We deliver flowers seven days a week throughout the whole of the UK mainland. Bloom makes it super easy to send peonies online; we deliver joy through our beautiful floral gifts. If you want to add beauty and colour in your home, peonies are the perfect floral choice.


Send peonies throughout the UK with Bloom. We make it simple to order peony bouquets online and deliver joy to someone you love. We offer complimentary sustainable gift wrapping on all orders and orders of £100 benefit from free standard shipping. To instantly brighten your day or surprise a loved one, arrange a peony delivery online today.

As one of the UK’s most ethical florists, if you are looking to arrange a luxury peony delivery, send peonies today and share the joy of sustainable flowers with someone special. From birthdays and anniversaries to a quick way to show someone you are thinking about them, peonies are the most special of all flowers, guaranteed to lift spirits and be remembered forever.

Send the Gift of Peonies 

Nothing is more enjoyable than receiving a delivery of fresh peonies direct to your door through the spring and summer months. From the heavenly Porcelain White Peony to the deep crimson hue of the Red Charm peony, there’s a shade to suit every mood and taste. Our personal favourites are the Coral Charm peony and the iconic “Sarah Bernhardt” Pink peony. Peonies have a very short season so why not treat yourself today or surprise a loved one with these incredibly large flowers. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a milestone moment or simply sending your well wishes, we ship all our flowers nationwide seven days a week so are always online to help.

Our flower delivery online is fulfilled by the UK’s greenest courier DPD so you can rest assured that your peonies won’t cost the planet (or your pocket for that matter!).


Peonies delivery are among the most beautiful and scented of all flower varieties.

Peony flowers are in their fullest bloom during late spring and early summer, making it the perfect time as the weather improves to add some colour and joy to your home. All our peonies delivered arrive in bud as they come fresh from our growers; these will then open into large fragrant blooms over time, adding a delicate scent to your house as well as a fabulous colour. Peonies flowers range in colour and include white, red, coral, pink and cerise. Our favourites are coral charm and Sarah Bernhardt pink as these are probably the most famous of all peonies.

Peony flowers have lobed leaves which are a unique green colour and perfectly accent their fabulous buds. Peonies are the national flower of China and are traditionally seen in Chinese art. The peony flower also replaced the zinnia as the state flower of Indiana in the USA in 1957. In Japanese culture, peonies are known as the King of Flowers thanks to their historic use in medicine however today, it is probably still known as the same name due to its pure and utter beauty that cannot be replicated.

To arrange a peonies flower delivery, simply shop our premium quality range of Dutch peonies online, pick your favourite and we will do the rest. We deliver sustainable flowers throughout the UK seven days a week so you can always rely on us to brighten up someone’s day in the most beautiful way possible.


Bloom Flowers, founded by celebrity florist Larry Walshe offer a wide range of luxury peony bouquets as part of their spring and summer flower delivery peonies collection. What better way to start the season of love than by sending peonies to someone you adore. Sourced directly from our growers, all our Dutch peonies are super long lasting and utterly exquisite. Whether you are based in Japan, the United States of America or China, you can order flowers to be delivered anywhere in the mainland United Kingdom with Whether you wish to buy peonies by post for someone you love or deliver peonies to yourself as a treat, Bloom Flowers are the only online flower shop that will meet all your needs. The freshness of our premium quality peonies is second to none to ensure you receive a flower delivery that you will never forget.

Bloom are one of the most ethical florists in the UK today and every part of your peonies order that will arrive with you will be sustainable, plastic-free and recyclable. From packaging to product, we offer a luxury flower delivery service like no other.

10 facts about peonies:

Peonies can grow to be 10 inches in diameter dependent upon the variety.

  1. This ensures an impressive floral arrangement!
  2. Peonies hold a great deal of tradition. They are the 12th wedding anniversary flower and are the symbol of China.
  3. Peonies are perfect in your wedding bouquet because they represent the symbol of good fortune and a happy marriage.
  4. Peonies love potassium as it assist with stem strength and resistance to disease. With big flower heads, this is really important!
  5. Once you plant a peony it can live to be up to 100 years old!
  6. Peonies attract ants. Unattractive we know! This is actually because the nectar is on the outside of the flower buds and oh so sweet!
  7. Peonies were quoted by Marco Polo as being “roses as big as cabbages” when he saw them for the first time.
  8. In ancient times, peonies were believed to help with asthma and relieve headaches.
  9. Peonies are natively grown in Southern Europe, North America & Asia.
  10. Celebrities love them!

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