The spring flower season would not be the same without it; the tulip flower is a universal favourite that fills all our London florists with so much joy each year. In the Language of flowers, tulips were traditionally sent when a lover wanted to make his passion known. Today, tulip flowers are known to symbolise many messages, including friendship and motherhood. Loved by many for their wide variety of colours, here at Bloom Flowers, we celebrate their cheerful nature by stocking a rainbow of options.

From yellow tulip flowers to cotton candy pink fringe tulips, we have a bunch of blooms for any celebration. Double tulips have layered, frilly petals, which offer a more substantial bloom to the traditional flower. We love to deliver unique flowers at Bloom, so always look to source flowers you won’t find anywhere else online. With its layered frilly petals and our best of British tulips from growers in Lincolnshire. Tulips bring so much joy to anyone who receives them, and they are so simple to arrange; all you need to do is add to one of our low clear glass chimney vases and enjoy!

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Tulip flowers are often used in gardening as they are so cheerful. Quintessentially associated with spring, they are also one of the most popular flowers for seasonal wedding arrangements and gift bouquets. After all, they are a perfect bloom delivery to celebrate a birthday, the arrival of a new baby, say “congratulations”, or mark an anniversary.

Check out these 12 fun and interesting facts about tulip flowers:

  1. There are around 150 species of tulips; there are also more than 3,000 cultivated and naturally occurring varieties of the flower worldwide. New tulip varieties are regularly created by flower growers worldwide; however, this is a slow process that usually takes around 20 years to go from the initial stages of cultivation to reaching a florist shop.
  2. Tulips have a wide variety of meanings in the Language of Flowers, with each colour meaning something different. Generally, tulips are associated with love and the arrival of spring. Red tulip flowers are said to represent true love, whilst white tulips say, “I’m so sorry”. Purple tulip flowers symbolise royalty and a multi-coloured bunch of tulips is reported to be a compliment of the recipient’s eves. Tulips are also the symbol of the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation.
  3. At one stage in history, tulips were the most expensive flower to buy in the world! In fact, during the 1600s, a tulip was more valuable than a house and cost almost ten times more than an average working-class man would earn in a year!
  4. Tulips are known for their beautiful shape and bold colors. Most tulip flowers are, in fact, perfectly symmetrical; talk about the perfection of nature!
  5. Tulips are edible! During World War 2, tulips were often eaten by those who couldn’t afford other foods. These spring flowers can be used to replace an onion in many recipes and have even been known to make wine!
  6. The Netherlands are the single largest producer and exporter of tulip flowers worldwide. Each year, the Netherlands grow and export nearly three billion bulbs each year. At one point, tulips were Holland’s fourth biggest export, slipping in behind cheese, herring & gin.
  7. The name tulip originally was taken from the shape of the tulip flower.
  8. Tulip Mania was a period between 1634-1637 when tulips were extremely valuable. During this time, people in the Netherlands decided to trade tulips for their value and caused what some say was the first economic crash.
  9. Tulips are related to another hugely popular spring flower, the lily. Tulips are part of the Lilaceae family, a genus that contains asparagus, lilies, garlic & onions.
  10. Tulips come in every single colour, except blue! They even come in black…it is a variety called Queen of the Night and it is so dark purple that in some lights, it appears black. These are so stylish they are becomingly increasingly popular.
  11. Tulips are actually native to Central Asia but did not gain popularity until they arrived in the Netherlands.
  12. Tulip flowers continue to grow once cut. Typically they will grow another inch once placed into your vase.


Discover the Bloom Collection of Tulips and send flowers today across the whole of the UK to someone you adore, whatever the celebration or occasion. Your bloom delivery will include complimentary gift wrapping and free delivery on all orders over £100. For the ultimate flower delivery, we have premium delivery options with DPD available.


Whether you fancy brightening up your house or a loved one’s mood, our luxury tulips will be sure to bring a smile to absolutely anyone’s face. To make the most of your tulips, why not add a chic glass vase to your order; we recommend our low clear glass chimney vase. Ensure you have the perfect flower delivery; shop with today.


To make sure you get the most from your blooming marvellous tulips, follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove any leaves that would sit below the waterline. This will avoid contaminating the water.
  2. Re-cut the stems at a 45-degree angle to encourage maximum absorption of water.
  3. Place your tulip flowers in a clean vase with freshly drawn cold water.
  4. Position your tulips away from direct sunlight, drafts or radiators. Avoid extreme temperatures with any flower delivery.
  5. Change the water every 2-3 days, ensuring you also clean the vase every time. Add Bloom Flower Food on every changeover.
  6. Make sure to pick a supportive vase. Tulip flowers continue to grow by around an inch once they have been cut, so make sure you have support to allow for this.
  7. Tulips bend and twist as they grow towards the light, so make sure to rotate every couple of days to keep them looking blooming marvellous.

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