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Purple Magic Vanda Orchid


The Vanda Orchid cut flower is one of the most exclusive orchid blooms with a rich and intoxicating colouring and exotic markings. Originating from Asia, the Vanda Orchids attach their aerial roots to tree bark and grow towards the sky along with the trees. They take an incredibly long time to grow and as such are one of the world’s most desirable and luxurious flower varieties.

Available in an array of colours, the vanda orchid symbolises pure friendship and is the perfect gift for your very best friend! All our cut vanda orchids are supplied with 16 flowers on two stems. They are a super long-lasting flower variety so will provide great value and enjoyment when displayed at home.


Vanda Orchids are a short-stemmed flower variety and are best displayed in a bud vase that will support their substantial flowers. Our Chic & Sleek Bud Vase No. 3 is, in our opinion, the perfect companion to any vanda orchid variety.


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