1.Select your Bouquet Size
  • Modest 40 stems
  • Sumptuous 50 stems
  • Abundant 60 stems
  • Extravagant 70 stems
2.Select your Blooms
Let’s get creative! Pick the flowers you want to include in your sumptuous bouquet design. Just like being in the flower shop, you only pay for what you pick so if you pick 1 flower type, you will receive 50 stems of that bloom. You may pick up to 5 different flower types to feature in this bouquet size.
Add Foliage for the finishing touch Would you like to add foliage into the bouquet design? Doing so will create an added depth of texture and a look which is more open and garden-inspired. If you prefer a hugely luxurious and opulent design, this option is not for you. If you would like foliage, our expert florists will select the best varieties to support your chosen flowers.
View Your Design
Bouquet Summary Your sumptuous design Your sumptuous bouquet will feature 50 stems made up of the selection of blooms below.
Please choose if you would like foliage or not
Bouquet Total
We like to give credit where credits due. Who shall we say designed this beautiful bouquet? Designed By:
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