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Coral Sunset Roses


The rose is the national flower of England and is most commonly associated with both love and romance. Historically roses were known to mean confidentiality – Romans would hang roses from the ceilings of banquet halls and it was understood that anything said beneath them whilst under the influence of wine, was to remain confidential!

Each of our roses has a distinguishable character, with every one different from the next. Roses are in season throughout the year and are undeniably one of the most popular flowers.

All our gorgeous and vibrant Coral Sunset Roses arrive with naturally-occurring guard petals to protect them during transport. These outer petals can be easily removed if you prefer a more opulent and chic look.


Roses are a long-stemmed flower variety and are best displayed in a medium or tall vase. Our Olive Green & Brass Glass Vase is our favourite pairing; it works to enhance the beauty of the roses to ensure a look which will transform any space.


styled by you We love to see how you style your favourites from bloom. Keep sharing photos of how you style our flowers and vases with @bybloomuk and #lovebloom for a chance to be featured at bybloom.co.uk or in our marketing materials.