There are few flowers that have grander colour, beauty or exuberance than the amaryllis flowers. In colours of salmon, pink, white and red, their exotic trumpet shaped blooms are commonly associated with Christmas. Often known as the ‘Christmas Lily’, other than the red poinsettia these vibrant, deep red flowers make the perfect Christmas gift.

The flower will be delivered to you in closed buds, and will open slowly over time, lasting up to three weeks in your home, meaning they are the perfect flower to have delivered for yourself or as a gift for the Christmas season.

If you are wanting to gift a flower to someone this Christmas using our premium delivery service not only is Amaryllis the Christmas Lily it also has the most beautiful of meanings. It represents courage, love and beauty. During the Victorian era they were seen as the symbol of confidence in all women. What a lovely meaning to send to someone special this Christmas.

Hippeastrum, the botanical name for Amaryllis are technically two different genera. The Christmas Lily belonged to the Amaryllis genus until it was deemed, they should be reclassified to sit under Hippeastrum during the late 1800s/ early 19th Century. As you can imagine for many years this has confused botanists and plant lovers alike. Recently it has been agreed that Amaryllis will be the known name. Interestingly the only difference between Amaryllis and Hippeastrum is that the later has a hollow stem.

Luxury Amaryllis Flowers Delivery

If you cannot be with someone in person for the Christmas season, get them delivered as a gift. A gorgeous festive surprise for someone you love, delivered to their door. We make it easy to send Amaryllis across the UK to add joy and beauty to their home at Christmas.

If you want a luxury flower delivery in the UK, send a festive amaryllis today with and share the joy of flowers with those that you love. Even better, we often offer free standard delivery.

Simply place your order of Christmas Lilies by the 20th December and you will receive these festive stems in your chosen colour of red white or salmon. What is even better is the packaging is sustainable and plastic free. Perfect for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.

Why not send them with one of tall vases which has been lovingly paired with these striking flowers. What a thoughtful festive gift to send to a special someone you are unable to see this season.

How to care for your Amaryllis (Hippeastrum):

Amaryllis are all supplied with canes inside each hollow stem to support their large flower heads.  Make sure to keep this in place and to cut down the cane each time you trim the stems.  All stems should be cut straight across the stem as opposed to a 45° angle.

These flowers are delivered as closed buds and will open over the course of a few days.  If you would like them to bloom faster, tepid water and natural daylight will accelerate their opening.

Amaryllis, in its natural habitat, blooms in spring to summer, but the ones we buy today have been genetically modified to ensure they bloom in time for the festive period, as they are desired. There are 90 individual species and well over 600 hybrid varieties of Hippeastrum, which are most commonly found in South America, Mexico, Argentina and the Caribbean. Some of the most commonly purchased amaryllis varieties which you are likely to see in your homes are: Hippeastrum Temptation, Hippeastrum Red Nymph, and Hippeastrum Fantasy.

The most common colour varieties that you will see are the white, red or the red-and-white ones. But among over 700 varieties of amaryllis, they come in shades of so many colours. From Orange, purple, green, yellow and even multi-coloured, some with frilly petals, some skinny petals some with more petals making them look extra full and blousy.

The name Amaryllis directly translates to sparkle in Greek. Hippeastrum was named by William Herbert, a botanist, and means a horses or knights star in Greek due to the flowers star like shape.

Amaryllis also feature in Greek Mythology. Amaryllis was the fair maiden whose love was unrequited for a man, Alteo. Amaryllis was desperate for the love of this man and so contacted Delphi for advice.  Delphi instructed her to strike her heart with an arrow, every time she were to know on the door of Alteo’s house, until Alteo open his door (his heart) for her. Every time she struck her heart with an arrow, she shed blood, which according to the myth then transformed into striking red flowers after 30 days. When she won Alteos heart, hers was then healed.

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