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Royal Red Amaryllis


Many people associate the vibrant red amaryllis with the festive season as it is frequently gifted during this time. It is in fact, widely available throughout the year and though red & white are the most popular colours, it has beautiful varieties in pink, orange, purple & yellow.

The name Amaryllis is originally derived from Greek mythology; more specifically from the love Amaryllis had for Alteo. Amaryllis, a maid, fell deeply in love with a shepherd boy Alteo. Strong and handsome with a passion for flowers, to learn how to win his affection Amaryllis went to the Oracle of Delphi for guidance and advice. On the Oracle’s orders, she stood at Alteo’s house for thirty nights piercing her heart with a golden arrow. On the thirtieth night, a beautiful star-shaped flower grew from her blood and helped her win Alteo’s love and affection.

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As a long-stemmed flower variety, Amaryllis are best displayed and arranged in a tall vase; our Bougie Matte Green Geometric Vase is our top selection for the perfect companion.


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