Vanda orchids produce some of the most stunning blooms of any house orchid variety in the world. They are undeniably stunning and will exude luxury in any home or office. Defined by speckled or dappled petals which appear in clusters along the stem (about 8 flowers per stem), these exotic blooms look just as dramatic in a full floral arrangement as they do singularly with just one or two stems arranged in a stylish vase. Available online all-year with, we celebrate this exclusive cut orchid in a variety of popular shades of pink and purple.

Order cut orchids online with Bloom today for delivery across the whole of the UK. We make it super simple to order luxury flowers online and have them delivered to yours or a loved one’s door the very next day. All our products are packaged stylishly in 100% plastic-free and recyclable packaging so you can rest assured that you are not hurting our poor planet when you send the gift of flowers to someone you adore. We also offer complimentary standard delivery on all orders over £100.

Luxury Orchid Delivery Online 

Vanda Orchids are a highly prized orchid valued for its large, long-lasting and fragrant flowers that come in an array of rich and vibrant colours. Flowers typically grow to be between 1-4 inches in diameter, so it doesn’t take a lot for them to make a huge impressive in your vase at home. The flower spikes typically carry 8 blooms per stem so whilst not a cheap flower, provide excellent value for money. They are super long lasting too and typically live for up to 2 weeks once cut.

Vanda Orchids are native to tropical climates in Thailand, India, the Philippines and New Guinea as well as other parts of Southeast Asia. Known as “air plants,” vandas do not require soil to grow. In nature, they grow best on trees with their roots wrapped around a tree trunk and branches. The roots are sponge-like and absorb water very quickly so benefit from the moisture in the atmosphere.

Just like Phalaenopsis Orchids, the vanda orchid makes a beautiful, long lasting houseplant as average flowering period for vandas is between 6 to 8 weeks.  As a tropical plant, vanda orchids survive best in humid, warm environments. Misting the flowers regularly will help increase the humidity. Water at least once a week too, more often in the warmer, summer months.

Fun Flower Facts about the Vanda Orchid:

  • The Vanda orchid was first discovered circa 1613 by Alvin Semedo.
  • The name VandaOrchid came from the Sanskrit word for orchid.
  • The Vanda Orchid is the national flower of Singapore 

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