Flowers That Are Toxic To Cats

Flowers that are poisonous to cats can actually be worse than some common house plants like roses, tulips and gerberas. Not only do these types of flowers have properties that are harmful to humans and even animals, they are also extremely poisonous to pets.

Flowers like the lilac (loris sativus), the common lilac (cuphea latifolia) and the lily of the valley (liliaceae or lilya setosperma) are very dangerous to pets. They come in a wide variety of colors and are often mixed in with other flowers. This makes them extremely attractive to cats, but when eaten, they produce toxic byproducts called tannins which cause vomiting, diarrhea and sometimes even death. Common lilacs are particularly dangerous because their bitter taste attracts mice and other rodents which then eat the flower and its toxic components.

Some other flowers that are extremely dangerous for cats to consume include the iris, bee balm, phlox, lily of the valley, hydrangea and the lotus. However, it seems that the one plant which is not toxic to cats is the orchid. The reason why this is so is because the cat doesn’t like the smell which is produced when the plant is cooked. This means that if you want to feed your cat or give him something he doesn’t like, you need to be more aware of what he likes and try to avoid giving him artificial flowers, particularly the ones which smell like foods. Although the cat may not vomit after eating the flowers, he will most definitely try to expel them from his system via coughing or sweating. In the worst case scenario, the cat could die as a result of swallowing the flower.

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