How to shop for peony flowers

Peonies are very enchanting and charming flowers, loved equally by men and women for their beautiful delicate structure and radiant floral tones. In fact, these charming and magnificent flowers have earned their share in floral history. They’re one of the earliest known flowers and come from the evergreen rose plant. In fact, the word ‘peony’ comes from two Greek words – “peuna” meaning sunflower, and “nea” meaning flower.

Beautiful and luscious, the lovely and delicate peony flowers are perfect for spring and summer bouquets. They’re perfect for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. In fact, they’re one of the most favoured flowers to send on special occasions. In addition, peonies can be arranged beautifully to adorn any garden. Send peonies as part of a large bouquet or a bunch of cut flowers to accentuate your home. 

If you want to send a fresh and stunning peony bouquet, look no further than the nation’s first 100% plastic-free and sustainable online florist, Bloom.  At, our skilled florists create every luxury bouquet by hand to ensure your recipient receives the very finest fresh flower gift.  We recommend pairing your peonies with other seasonal flowers such as roses, spray roses, lisianthus and stocks.  All of these beautiful flowers are available to order through our Market Flowers Collection.  

Selecting the right flowers to fill a bouquet will depend on the occasion. For example, if you’re arranging a formal bouquet during your wedding or baby shower, then you’ll want to go with a heavier and full bloomer like Roses and Spray Roses.  These flowers are very classic yet very pretty, perfect for a daytime or evening wedding. If you’re sending them as a shower gift, then you may consider going with a smaller more delicate arrangement such as Iris, Stocks or Delphiniums. While these flowers may not be the boldest choices for a formal bouquet, they can be quite lovely and textural. They work best for smaller arrangements and vases and create a garden-inspired flower arrangement. 

To start enjoying peony season, all you need to do is arrange a flower delivery with  We will receive your order and arrange to send peonies to your door in record time.  Once you’ve picked out your perfect bouquet or bunch of Market Fresh blooms, our expert florists will leap into action and start creating your chosen floral arrangement. Bloom Flowers offer a hugely convenient and quick delivery service throughout the UK using a green courier service from DPD.  What’s even better, every order sent from is wrapped in 100% plastic-free packaging.  As one of the UK’s most ethical florists, Bloom want to make sure our flowers don’t cost the planet, or your pocket for that matter!

If you want to ensure an impressive gift, make sure to include a vase with your order.  Our stylish glass vases come with your peonies to allow your recipient to style them perfectly at home. 

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