Happy Valentines Day Card Messages

On what is considered to be the most romantic day of the year, take a little time to find the perfect words to match your sentiment and luxury flowers. No matter how passionate you are, we are pretty sure you will find some inspiration for that perfect declaration of love.

Below is some advice which we hope will inspire when writing to the one you love this Valentines Day.

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What to write in Valentine’s Day card?

Should it be personal and heartfelt, should you create a poem for your loved one or should you simply include a romantic message from the internet?

Will she be disappointed if you just write “Happy Valentine’s Day” and nothing else?

If you are struggling to conjure up something unique, filled with emotion but don’t want to go over the top, here is some inspiration to share you love this Valentine’s Day.

1.Sweet / Cheeky Valentine’s Messages

You don’t need to pour your heart out in your Valentines Day card; you could instead make your other half smile. This way, she or he will have something sweet and funny to show their friends too.

As an example:

“Are you a banana? Because I find you a-peel-ing.”

2. Buy a Novelty Valentine’s Day Card

If you buy something unconventional and humorous, the card itself is a pretty good start, so all you’ll need to add is a simple “I love you” or “Happy Valentine’s Day”.

Writing a love poem or a serious declaration of love into a novelty card probably isn’t the best combination as it’s rather contradictory. Instead, keep it simple and let your Valentine’s Day card do the talking.

3. For a new relationship

If it’s a new relationship, avoid any sexual connotations as these may make your other half rather uncomfortable. Instead, focus on the fact that you now have a special person in your life to celebrate Valentines Day with. Write a simple and heartfelt note but nothing too gushy.

As an example:

“I was never a fan of this romantic holiday until I met you, my sweet Valentine.”

4. For a long-term relationship

If you have been together for some time, on Valentine’s Day, you likely just want to celebrate the good times you’ve had together and look towards a bright future. Consider mentioning some of your favourite stories you’ve shared which you know will make you both laugh. Then, express your hopes for many more Valentine’s Days spent together.

As an example:

“When I first saw you, I was so afraid to meet you. When I had met you, I was so afraid to kiss you. When I did kiss you, I was a little afraid to love you. Now that I do love you, I’m super afraid to lose you.” 

5. For a husband or wife

Make your husband or wife feel truly appreciated this Valentines Day. Mention some of the wonderful things he or she does for you throughout the year and how much you value them. Consider reflecting on the good times you’ve had together and express your gratitude for everything you share as a couple.

As an example:

“Every perfect love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite of all. Thank you for your continued support over the years and for mowing the lawn every Saturday morning. Here is to many more joyous and precious moments together, Happy Valentine’s Day, my love!”

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