A florist’s guide to peonies

Undeniably one of the most sought after flower varieties on the planet, peonies, with their layers of delicate petals are hugely popular on Instagram, in weddings and to brighten up your home.  From celebs such as Meghan Markle, Kylie Minogue and Oprah loving everything about the peony, we take a look at their origins and just why this flower is so in demand…


Peonies derive from the Paeoniacae family and their Latin name is Paenia.  The name is derived from Paeon, a physician to the gods in Greek mythology and are considered to represent good furniture and a happy marriage so it is no wonder they are a popular bridal choice.  


From beautifully tight buds, ruffles of petals unfurl to reveal the most sought after flower, the peony.  Available in shades of white, soft blush, pink, cerise, hot pink, red & coral, these exquisite flowers are sweetly scented and available to purchase in quantities of 10 stems at a time. 


Our favourite peony varieties are:

Coral Charm Peony

Red Charm Peony

Sarah Bernhardt Pink Peony

Cerise Pink Peony  

White Peony 


Part of what makes peonies so exclusive and sought after has to be their limited season.  As a cut flower, they are available only during the months of May and June in the UK so if you fancy adding a dash of peony magic to your home, don’t delay!  

The most fabulous peonies are grown in the South of France but are also cultivated in Italy & Holland.  Dutch peonies tend to last a little longer than the rest and will sometimes also be available in April and July, weather dependent.  

Those getting married in May or June have inevitably chosen the date based on the availability of peonies during this season.  Paired against roses, hydrangea and other late spring & early summer blooms, they make for the most impressive and luxurious wedding flowers.  Whether used in a bridal bouquet or as a wedding table centrepiece, peonies are guaranteed to add really “wow” factor to your wedding celebration.

Send Flowers:

If you are looking to surprise someone you love and arrange a peony delivery, remember that peonies need to remain hydrated in order to arrive looking perfect.  Make sure when you are arranging a flower delivery online to check that your florist offers this service.  

As one of the UK’s leading ethical & sustainable florists, all flowers at Bloom are sent hydrated using plastic-free packaging.  We send flowers seven days a week in the UK so if you know someone who is getting married, has a birthday or needs cheering up, peonies will make for the perfect gift.  

We recommend styling your peonies in a vase en-mass.  When the flower is this beautiful, there is no need to add anything else.  Just remember that when they arrive with you, your peony flowers should be in bud to guarantee you will get the most enjoyment out of them.  They will then open over the course of a few days.

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