Bloom highlights the impact of flowers on our wellbeing ahead of Mother’s Day, and donates 10 percent of every order placed this March to Mental Health UK

Luxury online florist, Bloom, has partnered with Mental Health UK ahead of Mother’s Day to highlight the importance of bringing joy to our mums – particularly those that may be living alone, vulnerable or shielding – or support friends or relatives who might be facing a Mother’s Day without their mums.

Similarly, the partnership aims to address the need to connect with friends and loved ones regardless of the occasion, who might be struggling with their mental health following a year of lockdowns, isolation and uncertainty.

“We are in no doubt that the impact of COVID-19 has affected everyone’s mental health,” says Flora Bannerman, Senior Partnerships Officer at Mental Health UK. “Recent research suggests up to 8.5 million adults will experience poor mental health in the coming years, owing to the pandemic. This is why we are so grateful for our partnership with Bloom, who will help us support more people at a time when they need it most.”

The positive effects of flowers on our wellbeing have been widely acknowledged and whilst we continue to grapple with the inevitable struggles of life in a global pandemic, Mental Health UK was an obvious first charity partnership for Bloom.

The new flower delivery brand, which launched just four months ago, is committed to building a meaningful CSR programme and will support UK mental health by donating 10 percent of every order placed throughout the month of March to Mental Health UK.

“As we near the end of the nation’s third (and longest) lockdown of the past 12 months, we are all naturally feeling spent, low and desperate to see, catch up with, and hug people again,” says Larry Walshe, celebrity London florist and founder of Bloom.

“Thankfully, there are a number of ways we can continue to nurture connections through this final stint of isolation to bring some joy to those that might need it most. Regular calls, a thoughtful note, carefully chosen gift, doorstep visit, or a socially distanced walk will no doubt provide a welcome mental boost to friends and loved ones, and whilst we all know that receiving flowers makes us feel happy and loved, the wellbeing benefits of blooms go way beyond the initial delight upon delivery.”   

To help us understand the full impact of our Mother’s Day bouquets or those we send to friends or family, Bloom explores the numerous mental health benefits of flowers…

  1. Positive emotion

There’s no question that we all feel genuine happiness when presented with a beautiful bouquet of blooms on the doorstep, yet this uplift has been proven to continue days after delivery. A 2005 study on the emotion generated by flowers revealed that the effect is long-lasting, with 100 percent of recipients benefitting not only from fewer negative emotions, but an increase in positive emotions several days after receiving their flowers.

2. Reduced stress or anxiety

With an ever-increasing awareness of the positive effects of exposure to nature on our physical and mental health, we are all trying to get out into the fresh air as frequently as possible. Bringing the outdoors in can also have positive impact on our wellbeing. It is widely recognised that the presence and scent of flowers can help to make people feel calmer, aid relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety.  

3. Lifting our mood

Flowers are known to have a long-term positive effect on mood, inducing a more positive outlook on life, boosting energy, increasing enjoyment and levels of satisfaction, and reducing the frequency or intensity of symptoms of depression.

4. Promoting better sleep

Fresh floral fragrances such as lavender and jasmine are known to lower heart rate and blood pressure and promote a more peaceful and restful night’s sleep which is vital to maintaining good mental health.

5. Increased productivity and creativity

Research by Texas A&M University in 2003 revealed that the presence of flowers and plants in the workplace can improve innovative thinking, problem solving and creative ideas, whilst other studies have confirmed that working environments dressed with flowers and plants improve alertness, concentration, mood, and sense of vitality for both students and employees.

6. Building bonds

The gifting of flowers, born from sentiments of care and benevolence, inevitably inspires warmth, kindness and feelings of goodwill in those that receive them. Social connectedness is so important for our mental health and showing someone you care is key to fostering supportive relationships with your family and friends.

7. Physical impacts

The impact of flowers on our physiology – lowering blood pressure, heart rate and countering fatigue – contribute to improved wellbeing, whilst also aiding the recovery process, making flowers the ideal gift for of those who are physically unwell.

8. Improve your own wellbeing when gifting too

Being generous is proven to have a hugely positive effect on our own happiness and wellbeing too, so whilst you’re helping others feel better, you’re also boosting your own positive emotions… Now that’s a gift.

Larry affirms that it’s also important to consider the colour of your blooms as this can also impact emotions.

“In the language of flowers – floriography – the colour of the blooms you send will inspire different emotions and as such, can influence the mood that will be created in the home. 

“Yellow is bright and cheerful, generating feelings of happiness, confidence and warmth, and will work to lift the mood and create a sense of optimism; pink is a playful and light hearted colour that also inspires feelings of kindness, compassion and affection; red signifies love and as the colour of passion, will encourage feelings of courage, energy and confidence; whilst blue, evoking the sea and sky, will generate calm and mental clarity. 

“Whatever stems you choose for your bouquet, make sure it includes plenty of greenery. Green is the colour of nature; it is earthy, grounding, and is particularly calming for the human eye. The colour green inspires a sense of peace and will help to combat stress or anxiety so green flowers or lots of foliage are key to promoting emotional stability.”  

“We’re delighted to be partnering with the luxury online florist, Bloom, throughout the month of March,” adds Mental Health UK’s  Flora Bannerman. “Not only is it Mother’s Day, it also marks a year since the first UK lockdown, so it is more important than ever to check in on your family and friends. Gifting flowers can be a lovely way to brighten someone’s day and lift people during difficult times. Giving overall is one of the five ways to mental wellbeing – by supporting the people in our lives, as well as being a benefit to them, we are also doing good for ourselves. The smallest acts of kindness and care can go a long way, especially in the times we are living in.”

Launched in October 2020 and founded by celebrity London florist and designer, Larry Walshe, Bloom is the newest, most stylish, most flexible luxury online florist, and unlike letterbox options, delivers all of its flowers hydrated to ensure they look stunning upon arrival. Bloom is entirely sustainable and 100% plastic-free.

For more information on Bloom, on Larry Walshe, or to purchase your blooms, please visit: For more information on Mental Health UK, please visit:

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